• HOW IT WORKS: Rent each piece of furniture individually for one day or an entire weekend at the rental price listed in our inventory.

  • TRANSPORTATION OF RENTALS: We can deliver, set up, and retrieve items.

    • We'll offer a reasonable delivery rate depending on cargo dimensions and delivery distance. To give you an idea this is how much we charge for delivery and retrieval (each):

      • Small cargo (fits in a small truck or SUV): $25 + $0.60/mile

      • Medium cargo (fits in a cargo van): $35 + $1.20/mile

      • Large cargo (anything larger than a cargo van): Will be calculated based on how many trucks we will need + $1.20/mile

    • Alternatively, you may pick up from and return to our warehouse.

  • RESERVATION: To reserve, we need a 50% down payment and a rental contract signed. The rest of the amount will be due a week before the event and all payments and signatures are done electronically.

  • IS THERE A MINIMUM REQUIRED TO RENT? There’s no minimum required to rent.

  • WHAT IF SOMETHING GETS DAMAGED OR LOST? Renter is responsible for the care of the items while they are being rented out. Any damage/breakage costs will be the responsibility of the renter. If replacement of inventory is needed, renter will have to pay seven times the rental costs.




Package includes: 

  • Layout plan and event styling.

  • Tables and chairs.

  • Linens and tableware.

  • Decor on table and nearby areas (this includes bar area, lounges, and flowers).

  • Delivery, set-up, and retrieval.

  • I’ll quote a flat fee per person according to your event's characteristics.

  • Send me a message here to schedule a meeting to plan your next small event.




Looking for something unique that we don't have? Contact me and I’ll try my best to find it and rent it out to you! I love a good hunting challenge!